Ashutosh Memorial Trust was established in 2009 in the loving memory of Er. Ashutosh Mishra who left us abode heavenly in a fatal road accident. Ashutosh was a brilliant student throughout his academic career and always stood on top from Nursery to Engineering. He lived an ideal life in the form of ideal son, ideal brother, ideal student and ideal friend among his fellow students. Along every curricular studies he participated in almost every co-curricular activity and has earned hundreds of prizes and certificates of merit. In the short span of his life tenure he always stood for nationality, patriotism and citizen of principles and over and above good human being. To rediscover him, re-establish firmly the right human values, understand and love every one, be natural and strike a balance on each front of life and at each stage of life for happy living, it was envisaged to establish an organisation committed to impart value education among children to make them worthy citizen of our great county and to create awareness among masses about healthy life and psychophysiological well being. That is how Ashutosh Memorial Trust came into being.

It was registered as an non-profit organization (trust) under Societies Act bearing the registration no.50/09. Its constitution was well drafted before its registration and duly approved by The Registrar, Societies, Allahabad. Professor J.P.N. Mishra is the Chief Trusty and other Trustees are:

  1. Smt Vijai Mishra
  2. Mr Jai Prakash Mishra
  3. Mr Mithilesh Dwivedi
  4. Smt Mamta Pandey
  5. Smt Rupali Srivastava
  6. Mr Vivek Vikram Srivastava
Dr Girish Kumar Pandey is working as Managing Trusty of the Ashutosh Memorial Trust. The constitution of the trust has incorporated multifaceted areas of social service in its ambit. However, the trust currently focusses on three main dimensions: -
  1. Education- Ashutosh Memorial Public School has been established and being run by the trust to impart value added right education to the children from rural areas with economically weaker section (Details may be seen at web site of the trust).
  2. Health- To look after the health of common people health camps are being organised in which free specialized health check-ups along with medicines are distributed to all needy persons. Limited facilities of diagnostic tests are also provided to those attending health camps.
  3. Social Service and Training- On different occasions economically weaker people are distributed blankets, quilts, clothes and other home based items. Trust runs its own vocational training programmes like tailoring, homemade edible/ food items, which enable the common people a handsome amount of financial gain. Trust also facilitates implementation of state owned welfare schemes launched by State Government/ Central Government.